Episode 05: 3 White Southern Sisters

“With all deliberate speed” 3 Southern white sisters experience 1960 Woolworth Lunch Counter Sit-Ins, 1967 Kathleen Cleaver encounter & Coretta Scott King interview, high school desegregation violence, Asheville, NC 1972

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Episode 03: The Atlanta Invitation

In 1967, Marie Nahikian, a college newspaper editor, accepts an invitation to to attend a Higher Education Conference in Atlanta that turns into a life changing experience after an encounter with Kathleen Cleaver at a SNCC organizing session, unfolding to a rare interview with Coretta Scott King and meeting Dr. Martin Luther King.

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Episode 02: Community Organizing 101 or How NOT to Build A Community Garden

How not to organize in a community. Story of events in a community garden in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC in 1972.

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