Episode 12: Brooklyn Underhill Stories: All Global Soul

A long time resident on Brooklyn’s Underhill Avenue shares story of Cheryl’s Global Soul: a small-minority-woman-LGBTQ owned business is the heart of a block “making it” despite no start-up capital, gentrification and a pandemic. “Our windows framed Underhill Avenue. We saw everything. Cars lost tires & hubcaps, shots fired, Labor Day eating roti, goat &…

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Episode 11: Daughter of Brooklyn Finds the Circus

The Usable Past explores past stories that inform the present. Brooklyn Underhill Stories are about life on Underhill Avenue and Eastern Parkway including artists, entrepreneurs, a changing community. A black Brooklyn woman becomes an international circus star. Susan is an aerial artist, dancer and choreographer, an international circus star, a black woman who went to…

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Episode 10: Special Edition MY U.S. Capitol 1-06-2021

DC will always be my spiritual home. I lived, loved, laughed, cried there for 21 years. The events at the US Capital on January 6 leave me suspended in disbelief. I had a personal and special relationship with the Capitol.  

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